Real-Time Insight and Security for Your Critical Infrastructure

November 13, 2014

Recent innovations, like smart meters and micro grids have given utilities providers a whole new level of control and oversight. However, with the convergence of the Internet and legacy power grids, this unprecedented access to unprotected endpoints poses a security threat – requiring increased connectivity, monitoring and control over DNP, Modbus and other non-IP-based protocols, providing increased security.

In this Patriot Tech webinar you will learn:

About a Cyber Threat Management solution that through remote access capabilities streamlines common tasks, including:

  • Software updates
  • Monitoring transmission rates (and watching for atypical behavior)
  • Status and error-code reading
  • Software-based troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Locating unregistered devices

And, how to:

  • Connect your legacy devices to advanced networks
  • Realize and manage the security posture of your infrastructure
  • Decrease operational costs by eliminating remote maintenance
  • Become NERC CIP compliant


Michael Brunner
Director of Business Development – Patriot