Today's Cabling Solutions for Harsh Environments

September 30, 2014

Do you believe that all networking cables are equal? Find out why they are not and why harsh environments require networking cables be built to meet environmental challenges and ensure signal transmission quality. Environmental hazards include EMI, chemicals, water, crushing, flex and temperature extremes. We’ll explain what to look for in a cable to stand up to these hazards and the product and material solutions that can mitigate the effects of specific problem areas.

Frank Koditek


Frank Koditek
Product Manager for Industrial Cables – Belden

Frank Koditek has been with Belden 28 years and has held various positions in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Frank has a BS degree in Engineering from Lowell Technological Institute.

  • Engaged in industrial cable for 10 years
  • Industrial automation
  • Very involved in developing industrial cables for Belden markets
  • Understanding of industrial markets
  • Variety of markets for industrial markets, data communications through to control and instrumentations