What Are Networked Controls

What Are Networked Controls

With growing concerns over cost and performance, today’s LED lighting solutions seek to simplify maintenance, cut costs, and increase efficiency. As lighting controls become more and more advanced, the less sophisticated lighting solutions of yesteryear take a backseat to energy-efficient LEDs and highly advanced lighting controls. The next big thing? Networked lighting controls.


What Are Networked Controls?

With the Jetson-like intelligence of a software interface, wireless sensors, a receiver, a mesh network, and smart LEDs, networked lighting delivers a supreme level of control. The end result is truly intelligent lighting, total efficiency and customization, and simplified maintenance:

  • Customers can easily monitor, dim, and switch lighting on/off—all with the click of a mouse.
  • Each lighting fixture is embedded with controls, for decision-making directly at the fixture level.
  • To simplify and reduce lighting maintenance, fixtures store individual time schedules, and provide optional electrical current measurement and lamp/driver outage reporting.

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