40G Infrastructure Secrets Webcast

With the movement towards 40G data centers imminent and migration to higher data transfer speeds necessary, there are many questions surrounding the correct path for how to get there and what simple and efficient tactics can be used in order to maximize overall performance.

Watch the replay of the Berk-Tek Webinar: 40G Data Center Infrastructure Secrets, presented by industry expert Mike Connaughton, will include a discussion of simple and efficient cabling practices to maximize data center optical performance, rack and pathway density, and cable management for the 40G Data Center.

The presentation will cover:

  • Market trends leading to the need for 40G
  • Impact of 40G on Data Center Architectures, including Top of Rack and End of Row run distances
  • Infrastructure options to address needed speeds
  • Cost implications of these options
  • IEEE Power budget requirements for 40G
  • Presentation of DCCC Link Loss research and modeling
  • Launch of Link Loss Calculator
  • Option for greatest flexibility and performance (GIGAlite-10XB)
  • Option to maximize rack and pathway space (MDP)
June 3, 2014
1:00 p.m. CDT
40-min Webinar
G2Talk Webinar Series Replay
the replay

The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed Replay

G2Talk Webinar Series Replay

Watch the replay of the Berk-Tek Webinar: The Need for Extreme Wireless Speed will explain the applications driving the rapidly growing need for higher speed Wireless LANs and more. Plus, we’ll discuss all that you’ll need to do to prepare for the evolution of wireless LANs.