Determining the Right Containment Strategy for Your Data Center

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This 40-minute webinar by Hoffman will outline the various Data Center containment strategies. Each strategy is designed to improve efficiency, lower costs, increase space, and increase network reliability. Each strategy will be discussed in detail, including a visual demonstration of its performance characteristics using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling. The information will be presented in a fashion that will provide valuable insight to all people involved in Data Centers.

Brian Mordick, Senior Product Manager, PENTAIR-Hoffman


Brian L. Mordick, RCDD
Senior Product Manager, PENTAIR – Hoffman

Brian Mordick is a Senior Product Manager at Hoffman, with special expertise in networking, thermal and seismic issues. While developing various types of enclosures during the last 24 years, he’s incorporated innovation into new enclosure designs and holds several patents. His engineering background and knowledge of the Information Technology industry made him an integral part of the development of the networking product platforms at Hoffman. Mordick is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stout, a member of the BICSI, and Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD). He has frequently contributed to articles regarding enclosure trends and electronics and is active in the industry as a public speaker.