Considerations for Planning Optimum Data Center Cooling

February 21, 2013

Considerations for Planning Optimum Data Center Cooling briefly reviews the seven key performance benefits of data center airflow containment. After having re-confirmed those basic benefits, the presentation discusses the relative merits of each of the three basic strategies for containment and offer suggestions for choosing a strategy appropriate to application situations and business considerations.

This presentation by Chatsworth Products concludes with a discussion of the new ASHRAE guidelines on how to select the optimum operating temperature for a data center.

Ian Seaton


Ian Seaton
Global Technology Manager – Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Ian Seaton has over 30 years of electro-mechanical product development experience, including thermal products for multi-tenant office HVAC controls, automotive environmental controls, and aerospace applications. He serves on the BICSI 002-2011 Data Center Standard subcommittee as working group leader for racks and cabinets and thermal advisor to the mechanical working group. He is a corresponding member of ASHRAE TC9.9 and is a patent-holder for airflow performance algorithms. He has published a dozen technical papers and articles and has delivered over 80 conference presentations in eight countries around the world. He is currently Global Technology Manager at Chatsworth Products, where he has worked for the past fifteen years, including guiding their thermal management initiatives for the past ten years.