Dallas District Aids Employees Affected by Flooding

In mid-August, a prolonged period of extreme rainfall resulted in catastrophic flooding in parts of Southern Louisiana. Called the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy in 2012 by the Red Cross, the historic flooding led to tremendous loss.
Graybar employees at the Baton Rouge Branch were significantly impacted by the flooding. The devastation touched each of their lives or the lives of a family members in one way or another. This included significant loss of personal property, such as homes, cars and other belongings. And some individuals are still in the process of recovery and repair.
Right away, Dallas District employees stepped up to offer help and support to their colleagues affected by the flooding. The Lake Charles Branch quickly collected donations of food and clothing to aid the flood victims. But it was quickly apparent that more needed to be done.
“There has been an outpouring of care,” said Dallas District Vice President Greg Hochheiser. “From the very beginning, people were asking what they could do to help.”
So, employees across the district banded together to provide assistance for those affected through the Graybar Family Foundation. They held fundraisers and made personal contributions to the foundation. They continued to raise funds with events during National Customer Service Week to support employees in Baton Rouge through the long recovery process.