Corporate Social Responsibility - Principles

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Strategic Purpose
As an employee-owned Company, Graybar strives to be a profitable, progressive business that provides employees with long-term career opportunities and the financial means to achieve a high quality of life, both while working and into retirement.
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Graybar is the vital link in the supply chain, adding value for our customers and suppliers with innovative solutions and services.



We tell the truth, do what is right, and treat others with fairness and respect.

We adhere to high standards of ethics and business conduct.

We take responsibility for our actions.

We behave in a way that protects and enhances Graybar’s reputation in the communities we serve.

Employee Ownership

We take pride in our Company and demonstrate loyalty to the Company and to one another.

We strive to be the best in all we do.

We win by working together toward common goals.

We tie our personal success to Graybar’s success.

Long-Term View

We believe that long-term success is more important than short-term gains.

We cultivate loyal relationships that stand the test of time.

We invest in our employees, recognize their achievements and give them opportunities to build successful careers.

We work to keep Graybar strong and healthy for future generations.

Customer Service

We are committed to satisfying our customers.

We deliver consistent, reliable and quality service.

We anticipate our customers’ needs and provide solutions that work.

We add value in the supply chain through innovation and continuous improvement.


For our Customers’ Advantage

We will be a valued resource for our customers by understanding and anticipating their needs while providing the best quality in products and services.

For our Suppliers’ advantage

We will be our suppliers’ preferred path for bringing their products and solutions to the marketplace, delivering value to our mutual customers and driving profitable growth for our respective companies.

For our Employees’ Advantage

We will challenge our employees to learn, grow, and prosper in a culture that respects each individual and recognizes employees who care for our customers and contribute to Graybar’s success.

For our Shareholders’ Advantage

We will achieve results that provide our shareholders with a positive return on their investment, reinforce the culture and values of employee ownership, and inspire a deep sense of pride in the Company.

For our Communities’ Advantage

Graybar will be an active corporate citizen by contributing to the communities where we do business, encouraging community involvement among our employees and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Our strategy is to sustain Graybar as an independent and employee-owned Company, while achieving the results that position us as an industry leader and allow us to work to the advantage of those we serve.

Profitable growth

We strive to achieve growth in sales, gross margin, and market share that can be sustained for the long-term health of the business.

Improving Performance

We continually work to improve our Company and make the best use of our resources to better serve our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community.

Winning With People

We strive to create a performance-driven environment where employees can grow and prosper in a culture of recognition as they use their talents to contribute to Graybar’s success.

innovating through technology

We use technology to enhance communication, improve efficiency and make it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with Graybar.