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Building a Better Tomorrow Through Sustainable Solutions

Given Graybar's roots in science, technology and electricity, it’s not surprising that we have integrated sustainable philosophies into our business practices. We set our sights on long-term goals that make the company stronger and healthier for future generations, instead of chasing short-term gains or passing fads.

Because we are an employee-owned company, every effort must support the financial health of the business. Making smart financial decisions is part of our commitment as employee owners, and it helps position us as a solid company our customers can count on for years to come.

This same attitude toward choosing financially beneficial environmental investments also guides how we help customers prioritize their sustainability goals.

Graybar's sustainability commitments cover three areas:
• Responsible stewardship of our resources
• Reducing our impact on the environment
• Providing sustainable solutions in the marketplace

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Corporate Social Responsibility - Environmental - Blog

  • Graybar Wins Corporate Governance Award for Second Year

    Graybar is again honored by Corporate Secretary Magazine. 


  • Graybar Recognized by Energy Trust of Oregon

    The Energy Trust of Oregon's Commercial and Industrial Lighting Program and Trade Alley Network recognized Graybar for excellent work in completing lighting retrofit projects during 2015. Graybar was selected as one of 24 recipients for an Outstanding Contributions award given to allies in the Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Network.


  • Graybar Helps Integrated Health Care Organization Achieve Innovation Credit

    The customized recycling program helped a leading biomedical research organization significantly reduce their carbon footprint and divert more than 3,457 pounds and more than 545 cubic feet of waste from landfills. The project was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council Innovation Credit for waste and delivery vehicle minimization as well as LEED Silver Certification.


  • Graybar Brings New Light and Energy Solutions to Powell Hall

    By installing the new fixtures, the Symphony is projected to save more than $15,000 in energy savings and more than 40,000 total watts after one year of use. Overall, the project is expected to save the Symphony more than $200,000 over the next 10 years, with the longest payback on investment taking only 10 months.


  • Graybar Sustainability Fact Sheet

    Graybar approaches sustainability from the inside out. We aim to reduce environmental impact internally, and then help customers improve their efforts with products that improve long-term environmental performance.

  • Graybar Sustainability Brochure

    By aligning our corporate social responsibility efforts with our core values, we can create a better future for our company, our communities and our planet.

  • Graybar Recognized at St. Louis Green Building Challenge Awards

    In early 2015, Graybar was recognized for its participation in the Champions level of the 2014 St. Louis Green Building Challenge.


  • Graybar Hayward Service Center Upgrades Lighting

    Thanks to the lighting upgrades, the Graybar Hayward Service Center expects to save an estimated $28,000 in annual operating costs. The expected net packback of the lighting upgrade is 2.2 years.


  • Graybar Northwest Service Center Upgrades Lighting

    Thanks to the lighting upgrades, the Graybar Northwest Service Center expects to save an estimated $20,000 in annual operating costs. The expected net payback of the lighting upgrade is 2.9 years.


  • Graybar Honolulu Upgrades Warehouse and Office Lighting

    Thanks to the upgrades, Graybar Honolulu expects to save an estimated $12,000 annually, an energy savings of approximately 37,000 kWh. The expected net payback of the lighting upgrade is 2.34 years.