What is Wholesale Distribution?

Graybar is engaged in the distribution of electrical, communications and data networking (comm/data products) and the provision of related supply chain management and logistics services for its customers.

Delivery Advantage 2

As a wholesale distributor, Graybar does not manufacture or “produce” any of the products it sells. Instead, Graybar houses hundreds of thousands of products from leading manufacturers in more than 290 warehouses across North America. Through these warehouses, Graybar sells products primarily to electrical and comm/data contractors, industrial plants, telephone companies as well as federal, state and local governments, commercial users and power utilities. We help our customers work more efficiently by providing value-added services that include inventory and materials management, project order management, eBusiness capabilities and many more. Additionally, by adding advanced logistical solutions and project management to its operations, Graybar is a vital link in America’s supply chain.