Electrical Safety Made Simple

Electrical Safety Made Simple

You know Graybar for electrical; think of us for electrical safety too. Having a trusted resource for all things electrical not only offers peace of mind but can help you be more profitable. Workplace safety is a serious matter.

Did You Know:
  • Every year 4 million people suffer a workplace injury from which they may never recover.
  • Every day in America 13 people go to work and never come home.

Those are some frightening numbers, but the good news is—safety doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve collected a number of resources to help you stay safe while getting the job done.

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Electrical Safety:
Top 10 Essentials
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6 Steps to Better Electrical Safety Checklist
Do you have a mental checklist you review before you start working on equipment? Take a look at the checklist we’ve created to help keep you safe. Tips include:
  • Understand the equipment, the condition and incident energy levels.
  • Utilize PPE and make sure it is in proper condition.
  • Make sure your tools electrically rated and the insulation in intact.
  • Establish safe zones and work boundaries for authorized and unauthorized personnel.
  • And more! Download the 6 Steps to Better Electrical Safety Checklist »
Graybar Line Cards
Graybar is the one source for all of your safety needs. We have a portfolio of manufacturers and products that are well known and respected throughout the industry. Take a look at our line cards:
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