Zhone FTTx GPON and Active Ethernet Products

With bandwidth challenges on the rise and the continual cost to keep up with these demands, service providers are looking for ways to future proof and increase their revenue generating opportunities. Zhone offers the most robust and scalable solution for service providers looking to offer either GPON or active Ethernet to their customers. Whether you're looking to serve just 64 customers or 1,000 customers, the Zhone MKK solution is the most scalable, robust and cost effective when it comes to providing Gigabit fiber services.

Below is the core OLT products that will reside at your central site/data center location and following is the indoor ONTs where the fiber will be terminated at the home or business on single mode fiber.

Core Solutions for GPON or Active Ethernet

OLT Components

OLT Components

Remote Location – Indoor ONTs – Fiber is terminated on the indoor ONT

Indoor ONTs

Key Components in an FTTx Network

Zhone manufacturers the OLT and ONT

  • OLT resides at data center/central office
  • ONT resides at home or business – Single mode fiber is terminated on the ONT
  • You can offer fiber to the home with GPON or Active Ethernet
Key Components

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