An Energy Efficient Three-in-One: Sensor Switch® WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch

SensorSwitch WSX D Dimmer and Sensor

The Simple Solution

Rules and regulations should be simple, stable, and easy to follow; unfortunately, this is rarely the case. To deal with the headaches of regularly changing local, state, and national energy codes, Sensor Switch has created a device that offers the consistency you crave: the WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch. Rather than relying on switches, sensors, and powerpacks to maintain compliance with multiple energy codes, this switch combines 0-10V dimming, dual technology occupancy sensing, and automatic dimming photocontrol capabilities into one easy-to-use device. This device is streamlined from the moment of installation, as it features miswire protection and convertible neutral to ground wiring. Who isn’t looking for improvements to their electrical installations and jobsite efficiency?

A Switch That Stays Ahead of the Game

It can be a nightmare trying to keep up with constantly evolving energy codes on local, state, and national levels. Previously, an updated code could require costly upgrades to several pieces of dimming equipment. With the WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch, it’s easy to remain compliant with stricter energy controls. The switch’s innovative combination of features ensures that you’re maintaining optimum energy savings even after your energy codes have changed.

Features and Benefits

  • Dimming, occupancy sensing, and photocontrol combined in one simple device
  • Efficient solution for energy compliance
  • Easy to install with miswire protection and convertible neutral to ground wiring
  • Reliable performance with Digital Passive Infrared Detection and Adaptive Daylight Harvesting
  • Eliminates the need for extra devices, leading to overall savings
[PDF] Sensor Switch WSX D FAQ
[PDF] Sensor Switch WSX D Sell Sheet
[PDF] Sensor Switch WSX D Spec Sheet

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