The Fast and Easy All-in-One Wallplate: Leviton's QuickPlate® Tempo Single-Gang Wallplate

Leviton QuickPlate Tempo Wallplates

Everything You Need in One Simple Product

Installers and contractors love all-in-one solutions; anything that lightens the load of tools and components is worth its (reduced) weight in gold. Leviton’s QuickPlate Tempo Single-Gang Wallplate is one such solution, as it offers an all-in-one product that reduces the time and expense associated with wall-plate installations. Designed with innovative rear wings to tighten the wallplate to the wallboard, the QuickPlate Tempo Wallplate eliminates the need for low-voltage boxes and mounting brackets. Your installation process is reduced to a single step, and the finished product is a flush wall mount that accepts all QuickPort connectors and multi-media modules. It’s as easy as one, two, three—actually, just one!

A Variety of Options

The QuickPlate Tempo Single-Gang Wallplate is available in five colors for both 2- and 4-port configurations, allowing you to choose a wallplate that suits the style of your workspace. Additionally, installers can use the slots within the ID windows as marking templates during installation to avoid errors when cutting holes in the wallboard.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented rear wings tighten wallplate to wallboard
  • Compatible with all QuickPort connectors
  • Accommodates wallboard thickness up to ⅝”
  • Available in 5 colors in both 2- and 4-port configurations
  • ID windows serve as marking templates for cutting holes in wallboard
  • Includes center lines to help guide installation placement.

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