Eaton Crouse-Hinds Champ® LED Generation III Luminaires

Crouse-Hinds Champ LED Generation III Luminaires

The Champ LED Gen III Series from Eaton Crouse-​​​Hinds​ is a luminaire family engineered around safety, increased product performance and lower cost of ownership. When compared to a standard HID luminaire, the Champ LED Gen III is a durable, shock resistant light source that provides up to six times greater life and 53 percent energy savings. The family consists of hazardous rated and ordinary location models ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 lumens for a wide variety of mid-bay and high-bay applications.

The Champ LED Generation III family is globally certified for NEC and IEC applications, features an industry-leading +100 lumens per watt, and is available with custom type I, III and V optics to direct light where customers need it most.

Benefits include: safety, labor savings, reduced operating costs, energy efficiency, low total ownership costs and vibration resistance.​

The Champ LED luminaire is the safest, most reliable LED luminaire on the market. The luminaire family features a number of significant design features, including:

  • Increased lumen output and efficiency to deliver maximum lumens per watt (efficacy)
  • Longer life, custom drivers and improved heat sink for industry best useful life of 7-20 years
  • Custom Type I, III and V optics to improve light distribution and intensity
  • Global certifications for NEC and IEC applications
  • Nine models ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 lumens to replace 70W-1000W HIDs.
[PDF] Crouse-Hinds Champ VMV Series LED Brochure
[PDF] Crouse-Hinds Champ Pro PVM Series LED Brochure

For more information on the Champ LED Gen III luminaires, contact your Graybar representative, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form.

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