The NEW BOLT STAR 30-inch Reusable Bolt Template is here!

BOLT STAR 30-inch Reusable Bolt Template

Tired of the time-consuming task of building wood bolt templates? Made in the USA, BOLT STAR 30-inch eliminates the repetitive and error-prone practice of building wood bolt templates and is reusable with proper maintenance. With a new design that emphasizes strength and reusability, the BOLT STAR reusable bolt template is used by electrical contractors to hold four anchor bolts in place and keep the structural rebar cage centered during the concrete pour of a light pole base.

BOLT STAR 30-inch Resuable Bolt Template Advantages over Wood Templates

  • No measuring, cutting and drilling of holes
  • BOLT STAR is reusable, so no more wasted labor and materials in building a wood template for every base
  • Arched arms in the tool's patented design gives work crews the ability to trowel finish the entire top of the base immediately after the pour without removing the template. This ensures that bolts are held securely in position while the concrete sets up, lowering the risk of costly rework due to bolts shifting out of alignment.
  • Adjustable bolt slots for bolt circle patterns ranging from 7" to 14" gives contractors added flexibility to adjust to a pole manufacturer's specification, whereas multiple wood templates are commonly built for specific bolt sizes and bolt circle diameters
  • Cage tie slots help keep the rebar cage centered in the concrete form, a benefit when it comes to passing inspections.
  • Xenoy™ 5220U polycarbonate material, five times stronger impact resistant than ABS in tests to -40°F (ASTM D256)
  • Special under arm ribbing design for longer span, added strength and reusability
  • Works with Xtender™ adaptor on 30-inch nested forming tube

Designed for use with commercial parking lot light poles requiring 30-inch foundations, it also has application to DOT roadway lighting and traffic signals requiring a 30-inch foundation, 4 anchor bolts up to 1-inch diameter in size and up to a 14-inch bolt circle diameter. Ask how BOLT STAR 30-inch Reusable Bolt Template can save time on your jobsite.

[PDF] BOLT STAR Product Comparison Sheet

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