Advances in Multi-Fiber Connectivity Enable Data Center Flexibility, Manageability, Scalability and Security

Belden Advances in Multi-Fiber Connectivity White Paper

There are several areas of optical fiber design and technology in the data center where loss can be reduced, including optical fiber media and connector choice. Another design aspect that impacts loss is the number of connection points in a channel. However, there is significant benefit to deploying 3-, 4- or even 5-point architectures that allow data center managers to get back to the basic, fundamental and time-honored best practice of convenient cross-connects and zone distribution areas (ZDAs).

This article will take a look at how advances in optical fiber technologies, standards and design are reducing optical loss while enabling an optimal number of connection points in a channel to maintain flexibility, manageability, scalability and security.

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Belden Multi-Fiber Connectivity White Paper