The nLight® ECLYPSE™ — Unified Building Control to Make Buildings Smarter

The nLight ECLYPSE™ from Acuity Brands​​ is the first smart building ready controller that combines digital lighting and HVAC controls onto one platform and gives building managers the power to configure, monitor and control critical building systems through one intuitive user interface. The modular design and wireless connectivity make the nLight ECLYPSE controller ideal for renovation projects.

nLight ECLYPSE™ Features and Benefits

Acuity Controls nLight ECLYPSE
  • Easy to Deploy: nLight® and Eclypse™ have been enhanced to work together, reducing the amount of time and labor necessary to program and install​
  • Efficient: Match occupancy patterns to energy use, maximizing efficiency and cost savings
  • Visual: HTML 5-based visualization software delivers real-time monitoring of networked devices to better manage energy usage and trends
  • Secure: TLS/SSL and RADIUS authentication support for reliable, proven protection of your most sensitive data
  • Scalable: Open protocol (BACnet™/IP) BTL listed controller red​uces complexity, time and cost when adding new components or building systems
  • Future Proof: Digital, addressable nLight and Distech controls are programmable and upgradeable as building needs change
  • BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) listed as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • Extra security provided by HTTPS server
  • Discovers and commissions nLight and Xpoint Wireless devices
  • Remotely upgradeable
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection – field replaceable fuse​
[PDF] Acuity Unified Building Solution FAQs

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