New UL GFCI Standard Effective June 29, 2015

Leviton SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI

With the latest Standard UL 943 placed on GFCI devices, you can count on Graybar to have the self-test GFCI models you need from the best-in-class manufacturers. Read below to find out more about the updated Standard.

Graybar Has The Latest in Self-Test GFCI Devices

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has announced a revision to Standard UL 943 that will take effect on June 29, 2015. Because testing a GFCI is a good way to verify that it is providing protection, the revision requires that all UL certified Class A residential and commercial grade wallbox mounted GFCIs have:

  1. An auto-monitoring function that will allow for periodic automatic testing (self-test) of the GFCI device and its ability to respond to a ground fault. If a problem is detected one or more of the following will happen:
    • Power will be denied (trip with the inability to reset)
    • Trip with the ability to reset, subject to the next auto-monitoring test cycle or repeatedly trip
    • Visual and/or audible indication
  2. Provisions to ensure that receptacle type GFCIs that contain separate line and load terminals, and that is powered through its load terminals, shall not reset and supply power to its receptacle face or line terminals if miswired. This applies both during its initial installation and after reinstallation following a correctly wired installation. If the device is provided with special instructions for removal and reinstallation, the instructions shall be followed during testing.

In response to a revised UL 943 Standard, GFCI manufacturers must stop producing their current GFCIs and only manufacture new self-test models as of the end of June. What this means is that you will notice a gradual transition in the market to Self-Test models by all manufacturers of GFCIs after that date.

This is not a Code change; instead it is a UL change. Code enforcement officials will not have the large effect that typically occurs when a Code change occurs instead this change will be affected by availability.

What products are affected?

All Class A UL listed residential and commercial grade wallbox mounted GFCI receptacles are affected by this change. Panel mount, in-line and portable GFCIs will not be affected.

NEW Self-Test GFCIs

All manufacturers new Self-Test GFCIs have been modified to meet the new UL Standard. The devices have the same basic dimensions and install the same way as the current GFCIs but include new electronics inside the device that provide the ability to Self-Test within the Code requirements.

Why has the Standard been revised?

Testing a GFCI is a good way to verify that it is providing protection. This revision to the UL Standard improves safety for the installer by confirming that the GFCI can respond to a ground-fault and, if not, indicating to the user that it needs to be replaced.

How does this affect installers?

This change provides users an added layer of safety for GFCI protection. You will notice a gradual transition in the market to self-test models by all manufacturers of GFCIs.

Can I still install the current style GFCIs?

Yes. You can continue to install any GFCI products. This change effects future product production, not product installation.


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