Easy Install + High Payback: KAD-LED Luminaire & KADRD-LED Retrofit Door from Lithonia Lighting®

Lithonia KAD-LED Area Light

Staying Ahead Of The Game

There isn’t a lot you can get done in a few minutes. That’s barely enough time to grab a coffee, open your toolbox and get settled. But when it comes to the hassle and expense of installation, a few extra minutes here and there really adds up.

Today’s outdoor applications demand lighting solutions that do more, and electrical contractors are tasked with making that happen. Whether your application calls for a complete luminaire or retrofitting an existing luminaire, Lithonia Lighting® makes the process easy. For a quick install and sizable energy savings, sit back and relax—Lithonia Lighting has the solution for you!

The Time For Payback

If you already have a KAD luminaire, you can leave the upper housing in place and upgrade to LED by replacing the glass door with the KADRD-LED retrofit door. Everything is on the retrofit door, and by making three electrical connections, the door can be installed in less than three minutes!

If you’re installing a brand-new unit, the Universal Mounting Bracket from Lithonia Lighting ensures a quick turnaround. You can mount a KAD-LED luminaire to virtually any drill-hole pattern on both square and round poles, eliminating the need to drill and making the upgrade to LED a snap.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Up to 70% energy savings over existing metal halide luminaires*
  • Upgrade to LED from metal halide in three minutes
  • Eliminates HID “hot spots” for a more uniform lighting solution
  • Better coverage-distribution patterns: 14% wider and 20% further
  • Less wasted backlight—light is directed where it’s needed
  • Universal Mounting Bracket ensures a quick install
  • Fully integrated, bi-level motion sensor that dims during periods of inactivity
  • Meets CA Title 24 and other legislative requirements

*Based on savings of 260 input watts when comparing a 400W MH to the KAD-LED 40C at operation of 12 hours a day/7 days a week.


[PDF] Lithonia Lighting KAD-LED Luminaire and Retrofit Door Brochure
[PDF] Lithonia Lighting KAD-LED Luminaire and Retrofit Door Presentation
[PDF] Lithonia OLW Outdoor LED Wall Pack
[PDF] Lithonia D-Series Flood Family Brochure
[PDF] Lithonia TWH/TWP LED Wall Pack Brochure
[PDF] Lithonia TWS LED Wall Pack Sell Sheet
[PDF] Lithonia TWR1/TWR2 LED Sell Sheet

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