Industrial Updates

Industrial Updates
  • Will you be ready for the SCCR changes in the 2017 NEC?

    The 2017 NEC® has been released and, with it, additional requirements that will affect how short-circuit protection is applied to equipment and machinery. Eaton has developed a new technical document, Code changes affecting short-circuit current ratings based on the 2017 NEC.


  • Where Versatility, Efficiency & Performance Meet: Metalux Industrial Applications from Eaton's Lighting

    There's no one-lamp-fits-all approach to lighting. Whether you’re working with customers in manufacturing, food processing, grocery, or warehousing and distribution, each individual facility calls for a different combination of luminaires and lighting controls. Trust Eaton’s Metalux product line to deliver LED lighting solutions that are efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.


  • [VID] NEMA 7 Classified Clamped EBMX Enclosures from Eaton Crouse-Hinds

    The line of EBMX series is up to a 65 AIC rating and it's got expanded temperature ratings from -50 to +60 degrees. Because of the way it's set up with the clamps, the EBMX uses four bolts that provide pressure across the entire flange. It offers labor savings for maintenance personnel and increased safety in the plant.


  • Understanding Smart Machines: How they will shape the future

    Join Graybar and Schneider Electric’s Mark Duncan to learn about the impact of smart machines on the industrial automation and control business and receive guidance for adapting to a changing industrial landscape.


  • VFD Drive Cable—Critical or Overkill?

    This presentation by General Cable explores the design aspects of the VFD drive cable that make it a critical part of a reliable VFD system. 


  • Leviton Industrial and Hazardous Location LED Fixtures

    Industrial LED Lighting from Leviton includes energy efficient, robust, waterproof and hazardous location approved luminaires. 


  • Solution for Variable Frequency Drive Applications: ServiceDrive ASD/VFD Cable System from Service Wire Company

    ServiceDrive®, a solution for ASD/VFD cable applications, is designed to reduce EMI emissions from the cable and provide a low-impedance ground path to reliably contain high-voltage spikes.


  • Graybar Now Selling Festo Industrial Products

    Graybar has recently signed a national distribution agreement with Festo, a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for process control and factory automation solutions.


  • 5 Myths of Electrical Design in Hazardous Locations

    When it comes to electrical design in hazardous locations, there are a lot of opinions on the best approach. From explosion-proof to intrinsically safe designs, the choices can be daunting. Join Hoffman and Graybar as we dispel some common misconceptions to help you choose the best solution to reduce cost and complexity and improve speed of deployment. If you are looking to save money and design time on electrical controls panels, this is a must-see presentation.


  • What You Should Know about Grounding and Bonding in Industrial Spaces

    Join Graybar and Panduit to learn the differences between grounding, bonding and earthing to help ensure a safe workplace for your workers and equipment. We also discuss proper grounding techniques according to NEC code and IEEE specs with exothermic and compression connectors.