Save Time, Labor & Money: High Speed, Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Industrial Cables From General Cable

General Cable Xtra Low Friction Lead Free Cable

Moving Forward Without Friction

In everyday life, a little friction can be a good thing: When we walk, the opposing force pushes us forward. Without friction, our feet would slip, and we’d fall flat on our face. (Physics 101, folks.)

But when you’re installing industrial cables in harsh or dangerous conditions—from oil rigs to jobsites—friction isn’t your friend. During a cabling install, cable-pulling lubricants help reduce friction and pulling tension. Cable lubricants have been around for decades and are very effective in minimizing friction and stress on the cable but can be a messy process. Most recently, material science advancements in cable technology have provided the opportunity to engineer an alternative cable solution to pull lubricants.

[PDF] General Cable High Speed Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Industrial Cables
[PDF] General Cable High Speed XLF Cable Installation Performance Guarantee

The Reliable, Cost-effective, Easy-Install Solution

General Cable’s Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Jacket Technology allows for a significant reduction in installation pulling force, making it easier and more cost-effective to install. In a cable-to-cable comparison, General Cable’s Xtra Low Friction XLF Technology demonstrated up to 80 percent reduction in required pulling force. For contractors, increased pulling efficiency means an easier install—saving time, labor and money. That’s a win-win on all fronts.

High Speed XLF Technology has been engineered into General Cable’s PVC, high-performance CPE and LSZH low- and medium-voltage product lines.

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  • Save time, labor and money with up to 80% less pulling force versus standard cables*
  • Easier and safer installation into conduit, duct or cable tray
  • High Speed XLF Cable Installation Performance Guarantee**
  • Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial, industrial and utility applications

*High Speed Xtra Low Friction (XLF) Industrial Cable Bulletin
**General Cable High Speed XLF Cable Installation Performance Guidelines and Guarantee

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