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  • Belden's new RJ45 REVConnect Connectivity System

    REVConnect is a brand new RJ45 connectivity system from Belden. A single Reliable and Easy termination method that offers unparalleled Versatility; it covers jack and plug, shielded or unshielded, Category 5e through Category 6A. Read more.


  • Efficient Data Center Cooling and Climate Management in the Age of the IoT

    With the continuous advancement of cloud computing and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), modern enterprise data centers are having to push limits to provide uninterrupted service of the highest quality. Data center managers have to be more proactive than ever, restructuring their strategies to allow for greater capacity and expansion across the various areas of IT infrastructure. Read more.


  • The Scalable, Easy-Install Solution For Mission-Critical Networks: Atlas-X1 Connector From Leviton

    With easy network installation, industry-leading performance, and total scalability, the Leviton Atlas-X1 UTP Connector was built with you and your customers in mind. Tool-free termination means installers won’t spend hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. The Atlas-X1 is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T, and delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability. That means fast deployment and exceptional versatility. Read more.


  • Five Reasons Upgrading to Versiv Will Save You Money

    Learn five simple reasons why you should upgrade to Fluke Networks’ Versiv cabling certification system which is designed to save you even more money and to get to systems acceptance faster. Read more.


  • Evolution of In-Building Networks

    Local area networks and in-building wireless needs are evolving. Smarter buildings and demand for data require robust networks. Fiber-based networks provide a unique value proposition by bringing network access and intelligence closer to end-users. Watch this webinar on demand.


  • Power is the New Signal

    Cabling performance has been measured historically in terms of information capacity. A new LAN deployment strategy called Direct Connect can maximize PDE by effectively connecting equipment to end devices with a channel made entirely with horizontal cabling. Direct Connect does require the attachment of a plug and testing in the field. New developments in the standards is available to make this a practical deployment strategy and offer an efficient method to deliver data and power to end devices.


  • [VID] Video: A Great Solution to Extend Video from Hubbell with 110 Everywhere

    Hubbell's 110 Everywhere solution has gone to a 4 pair standard, and on the back of the modules to extend A/V is the 110 connector.


  • Headline News for July 2016

    A collection of articles from around the web.


  • [VID] AV Control with 3 Inputs from Leviton Network Solutions

    The Leviton Network Systems expanded ITVA AV Control system has an autoswitching wall plate that allows you to put in three inputs: two HDMI and one VGA, and autoswitch among them.


  • [VID] Corning's New Jumper In A Box Packaging Solution

    As a leader in the fiber optic industry, Corning is all about innovation. A new packaging solution called Jumper in a Box is, literally, jumpers in a box. This product resolves a problem that Corning has received from customer feedback: inventory management and tracking is a nightmare and nothing can shut a project down faster than running out of a simple product.