Getting the most out of Your Cabling Certification Investment

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February 26, 2016

Cut Your Data Center Project From Years to Months

Versiv Cable Certification System is designed to make the cable certification process much more efficient, so that contractors can save time and money. But purchasing the Versiv testers is only part of what you need to do in order to realize the total savings that Versiv can provide.

Technology is not Efficiency

The first automated factories had one large steam engine that drove multiple smaller tools through a system of shafts, pulleys, and belts. As you can imagine this was pretty inefficient what with the wasted energy, not to mention the danger from large moving objects everywhere a worker might turn.

When the first electric motors came along, factory owners simply replaced the big steam engine with a big electric one and there little increase in productivity.

Later, engineers realized that by putting small electric motors in each tool, they could eliminate the complex drive systems and productivity exploded.

So how are you going to use Versiv?

Imagine this….It’s late afternoon and your team has just finished a job. Now it’s time to grab the testers and head back with the results. So your tech gets in a truck and heads back to the office. Given it’s late in the day, that’s probably going to take a long time in traffic. Did he have to leave early to get back in time? Are you paying him overtime? Just how much is this costing you?

The table below shows you what this could be costing you, based on two trips a week, and the IRS estimate of vehicle costs. The result is a lot of spending to drive results around, a non-value-adding activity.

What it Costs
Trips Per Year
Miles per trip
Cost per mile:
Hours per trip:
Hourly wage rate:
Annual Cost:

LinkWare Live Eliminates the Drive

With LinkWare Live, you upload results directly from the tester at the jobsite to our cloud service over Wi-Fi. The system automatically assigns results to the right job, even when you move testers around and mix the results up – saving time for your administrator who generates the reports. The whole process takes just a few minutes and burns no gas or rubber.

LinkWare Live Does a Lot More

LinkWare Live does a lot more than just let you upload results. It keeps your tester up-to-date as software and standards change. It can prevent a lot of problems that contractors face: testing to the wrong limits, lost test data, consolidating test results, incorrect cable ID’s and more. All of this can save you time and money!

Download the full whitepaper “Getting the most out of Your Versiv™ Investment” below or contact your local Graybar representative for more information about the Versiv Cable Certification System and LinkWare Live.

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