Data Center

Data Center
  • Is Your Data Center Future Ready?

    More bandwidth. More power. More speed, security and control. The demands are endless and the stakes are high. Take this short survey to see if you’re getting the most value out of your data center.

  • The Future of PoE, Safety Risks and How to Mitigate Them

    In some areas of your network, PoE is as standard as cabling itself while in others it has not gained traction. Currently, PoE powers more than 100 million devices such as wireless access points (APs) and Internet protocol (IP) phones. The limitation has been that current PoE standard only support up to 30W of power to devices which limit its application. The good news — this limit is about to change.


  • The Potential and Challenge of IoT Explained

    IoT has profound implications for the construction industry, industrial plants, manufacturers, and commercial and urban infrastructure. Gartner estimates that 5.5 million "new things" are being connected each day, and GE predicts investment in the Industrial Internet of Things is expected to top $60 trillion (including services) over the next 15 years. Every organization, no matter how large or technologically savvy, can expect to be affected.


  • [VID] The Forgotten Link: Your Network Backbone

    Berk-Tek has the only solution where you to a 40 gig backbone out to 500 meters using multimode fiber. Berk-Tek does that with the OM4+ Gigalite blast and enhanced transceiver, which is only about a 10% increase over what your OM3 backbone was versus going to single mode which would be about a 300% increase to get that kind of distance at 40 gig.


  • [VID] Belden's FiberExpress Enterprise Closet X Patch Panel

    Tailored to the enterprise LAN installer, this patch panel system features removable clear doors, fiber jumper management, jumper management clips, splice cassettes with a clear door.


  • [VID] Belden's New FX Fusion Splice On Connector Product Line

    FX Fusion, Belden's new splice on connectors are an alternative to mechanical splice connectors.


  • [VID] Belden's New 4K UHD HDBaseT Media Cable

    Belden's new HDBaseT cable is very small and flexible with corrugation tape. Easy to terminate because it has just one overall foil shield, unlike individually shielded pairs. It doesn't have a braid so it has 100% shielding. It works with Belden's RevConnect.


  • [VID] Demonstration of Leviton's Cat 8 System

    At BICSI 2017, Leviton demonstrated a working Cat 8 channel with Leviton connectivity, including the connectors themselves and the patch cords with Berk-Tek cable. The test was run on the new Fluke Networks Versiv field tester. According to those at BICSI, this the only working RJ45 Cat 8 system at the show.


  • [VID] Leviton Tap Modules Fit in HDX or UHDX Enclosures

    Leviton Network Solutions' new Tap Module fits into either HDX or UHDX enclosures, which you can get up to 144 fibers into one RU.


  • [VID] Remove Uncertainty on Terminating Fiber with Panduit's OptiCam II Termination Tool

    Panduit's new OptiCam II Termination Tool has been redesigned from the ground up to make terminations faster and easier, and also to remove all uncertainty and doubt that contractors have terminated a fiber connector correctly.