Belden's NEW RJ45 REVConnect Connectivity System

October 13, 2016

REVConnect is a brand new RJ45 connectivity system from Belden. A single Reliable and Easy termination method that offers unparalleled Versatility; it covers jack and plug, shielded or unshielded, Category 5e through Category 6A.

REVConnect consists of a "core" comprised of a cable, a cable manager and a cap with gold plated piercing contacts. This piercing contact technology will result in less than 1% initial failures which from an installation standpoint, means that the technician will not have to do reworks and reterminations.

The single core termination is all the installer needs to know in order to terminate eight different modules. REVConnect’s core technology accepts eight RJ45 modules: UTP jacks (Category 5e through 10GX), Shielded jacks (Category 5e through 10GX), and 10GX Shielded and Unshielded Field Mountable Plugs. A single termination tool is all that is required for the entire termination, including cable prep.

If you are doing a lot of audio/video applications, Wireless Access Points or IP cameras, where a particular drop might be construed as a direct access type connection as opposed to a jack, now you have the flexibility of making it a plug as opposed to a jack.

Belden's REVConnect can reduce your reworks, enhance your termination process and improve performance.

[PDF] Belden REVConnect Guide