Get it Done Faster With KwikSplice™ Cable Tray System from Eaton

B-Line Kwiksplice Cable Tray System

Simple, Cost-Effective Installation

The KwikSplice Cable Tray System delivers the lowest total installed cost for cable management for many projects. Comparing the two-bolt KwikSplice splice plate design and traditional splice plates shows up to 50 percent savings on installation time and materials. KwikSplice is your go-to solution for cost-effective cable management.

Cable Management Made Easy

How did they do it? (I’m glad you asked.) The B-Line series KwikSplice system features a patent-pending splice retention groove I-beam side rail which allows installers to easily guide and snap the splice plate into position.

With just two bolts, the installer can secure the connection, and still maintain structural integrity and electrical grounding. Installation’s as easy as guiding the splice plate into the splice retention groove, snapping it into position, adding the first bolt, and securing the splice with the final bolt. Easy.

Labor-Saving Fittings and Accessories

The KwikSplice innovative universal fitting features a tool-less splice design and easy side panel removal that allows installers to create a horizontal bend, horizontal tee, or horizontal cross. Additionally, the system’s full line of labor-saving accessories, including the tab and lock trapeze assembly, eliminate the need for hold down clamps on the cable tray system.

[PDF] B-Line Series KwikSplice Cable Tray System Brochure

Features and Benefits:

  • Light-weight, yet durable aluminum construction
  • Patent pending I-beam splice retention groove to secure splice connection
  • Retention groove helps reduce installation time
  • Splice maintains structural integrity and electrical grounding
  • Rated for NEMA 12A and NEMA 12B (CSA class C-3m and D-3m) load classes
  • Full line of labor-saving accessories and fittings
  • Standardized ¼” hardware
  • UL, CSA, and IEC approvals
  • Manufactured and stocked in the U.S. and Canada