Belden Aisle Containment System

Belden Aisle Containment System

Belden’s Aisle Containment System offers the greatest flexibility for upgrading, designing and implementing a tailored solution that fits specific needs.

By completely eliminating the mixing of hot and cold air, the panels allow for increased temperature differential of computer room air conditioner (CRAC) units, significantly improving cooling efficiency and eliminating hot spots to prevent equipment overheating and failures. As a result, today’s high-density virtualized data centers can sufficiently support higher heat loads and lower total operating costs.

Belden is expanding its data center line with the addition of both hot and cold aisle containment options that are adaptable to any style of air-conditioner configuration and is rack brand neutral.

Belden’s Aisle Containment System features innovative transparent panels that are lightweight and easily attached either horizontally or vertically to the top of data center cabinets using a universal rail system.

Field modifiable to meet varying height and space requirements, panels that are horizontally attached form a roof for trapping hot return air or cold supply air, while panels that are vertically attached extend to overhead return plenum or ducted cooling systems.

[PDF] Belden Aisle Containment System Product Bulletin

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