Do You Really Need an OTDR?

Once a fiber optic cabling system is installed, it’s recommended that you test your system with an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR). Top three reasons why OTDR’s are recommended:

  1. Qualify optical networks by measuring end-to-end network length, loss, and optical return loss (ORL) and compare it to expected values.
  2. Detect, locate and measure network components including start, end, splices, connectors and splitters.
  3. Rapidly and easily detect and locate network faults – such as breaks or excess loss due to macro-bends – by testing from just one end of the fiber.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong! Ensure your fiber optic cable network today with AFL’s top-quality OTDRs. An excellent choice is AFL’s M310.

AFL M310 Enterprise OTDR

M310 Enterprise OTDR

The M310 OTDR is specifically designed to address the technical challenges associated with today’s enterprise network architectures. The M310 integrates AFL's TruEvent™ Technology, allowing users to confidently determine where losses meet or exceed network specifications. TruEvent advanced event analysis software more accurately detects, locates and measures network events such as splices, connectors, breaks and macro-bends. The M310 is easy to use (Touch and Test®), comes standard with integrated Source, Power Meter and VFL, and is compatible with the DFS1 connector inspection probe. No surprise 'add-on' charges for these commonly needed support functions.

[PDF] AFL M310 Enterprise OTDR Spec Sheet

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