Acuity Brands ELMLT Emergency Unit

Acuity Lithonia ELMLT Emergency Unit

The ELMLT from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is designed to exceed expectations and set new performance standards for emergency lighting products. Harnessing the power of superior LED optics and advanced battery technology, the ELMLT is anything but traditional.

Remarkably powerful, the ELMLT is capable of delivering maximum center-to-center spacings of up to 58 feet and provides constant light output throughout the required 90 minutes of emergency operation. While traditional emergency lighting products may be adequate, the ELMLT proves that when it comes to safety, just good enough is never good enough.

[PDF] Acuity Brands ELMLT Emergency Unit Brochure

  • Quick-mount installation (installs in less than three minutes)
  • Testing and monitoring – available with self-diagnostics and wireless reporting options
  • Expected service life of 10 years
  • Designed to be mounted from 7.5 feet to 20 feet
  • Track and swivel lamp head – highly-maneuverable lamp heads allow light positioning anywhere along the path of egress

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