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You know your business better than anyone. But could your Total Cost of Install (TCI) be higher than you think? Many installers are surprised when they crunch the numbers.

TCI is the total cost of every activity in your supply chain—from cutting POs to signing off on work. If you have your eye on a bigger piece of the pie, TCI is an extremely important metric.

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Pre-job meetings

Contractors can save about 2.5% in operations costs by simply holding pre-job meetings. By putting all of the moving parts together at the beginning of a project in a meeting, each individual walks away with a clear understanding of his or her role and how to achieve that goal.

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Graybar Financial Services®

Financing and cash flow simplified. We get the financing done, so you can get the job done.

Jobsite Boxes and Carts

Job Carts

Cut down on the time your team spends searching the jobsite as they look for the right product to complete a task, moving products from delivery to installation, and having to order more product because material was lost. One contractor saved 10% in labor reducing these redundancies.



Lessen stock outs and have the material on hand when you need it to finish the job. From simple inventory tracking to complex mobile solutions, SmartStock is for those contractors who would rather count profits than parts.

Opportunity Walks

Supply Chain Waste Walks and Continuous Improvement

Studies show that electricians can spend up to 40% of their time moving, counting, and managing material on the jobsite. This is an expensive redundancy in the supply chain. One of our continuous improvement leaders can work with you to uncover these redundancies in your supply chain.

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