The Advantages of Schneider Electric Engineering Services

Schneider Electric
  • The Schneider Electric Power System Engineering team began serving customers in 1966 and has been proactively engaged in electrical workplace safety and compliance since arc flash requirements were first introduced. In that time, the team has completed over 10,000 Power System studies.
  • Many of the Schneider Electric engineers are leaders in IEEE, NFPA and other power system standard-making organizations.
  • Schneider Electric has over 100 strategically located professional engineers who are certified and collectively registered in every state of the U.S. to meet state licensing requirements.
  • They are professional engineers who have in-depth knowledge of power distribution and control equipment and expertise of the calculation methods required for arc flash analysis.
  • Schneider Electric Engineers provide full-scope NFPA 70E compliance support and solutions.
  • Schneider Electric will provide a single line diagram with your Arc Flash hazard analysis.
  • Schneider Electric engineers use an established standardized methodology to complete arc flash analysis along with uniform reporting standards nationwide.
  • Schneider Electric engineers will provide generic arc flash analysis specifications to assist customers with specification development.
  • Schneider Electric has the capability to perform the arc flash analysis as well as make recommendations for corrective action(s).