Remove Worker From Location or Places a Barrier Between Worker

Infrared (IR) Windows
IR windows allow you to obtain condition and status information of electrical equipment without the need to remove equipment panels. The complete unit is permanently fitted into electrical equipment and enables infrared inspections to be performed without downtime.
Remote Racking System (RRS)
An RRS allows medium-voltage circuit breaker racking operations to be performed via a control panel located away from the cell, removing the operator from manual contact with the circuit breaker. In addition, an RRSmay reduce the PPE Hazard Risk category because the worker is removed from the flash protection boundary.
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System (WTMS)
A WTMS allows for easy field installation of wireless sensors into low- and medium-voltage equipment. Sensors can be placed in locations usually not accessible with an infrared camera. They can be installed on equipment with high arc flash ratings, allowing equipment condition to be monitored without a risk of danger to personnel or equipment.