Lowers Arc Flash Energy by Reducing the Arcing Time

Overcurrent Protective Device (OCPD) Coordination Study
An OCPD coordination study optimizes circuit breaker and relay settings and can be specified as a component of the arc flash study. The speed of operation of the OCPD determines the duration of an arc flash event. 

Specialized Relaying Such as Light Sensing Technology
Strategically placed light sensors in switchgear compartments makes it possible to sense the arc within a millisecond. Modern relays can sense this condition and trip the appropriate circuit breaker. Other relaying technologies are zone selective interlocking and differential protection.

Virtual Main Relay
Low-voltage switchgear and switchboards can be subjected to dangerous levels of arc flash incident energy when fed directly from a power transformer. Upgrading switchgear with a virtual main relay adds over-current sensing to the low-voltage side of the service transformer and is designed to trip an existing upstream fault-breaking device.