Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions

Schneider Electric Services provide a variety of arc flash mitigation solutions for any brand of electrical equipment.

Lower Arc Flash Energy by Reducing the Arcing Time

These three arc flash mitigation solutions will lower arc flash energy by reducing the arcing time to promote workplace safety.

Remove Worker From Location or Place a Barrier Between Worker

Three arc flash solutions that place barrier between worker and energized parts promoting workplace safety.


Additional Service Solutions to Mitigate Safety Risks
Upgrading aging electrical distribution equipment with modern technology is another step a facility can take to make the workplace a safer environment for all personnel. Many older designs require personnel to open doors while circuit breakers are energized to obtain trip unit readings. With an upgrade solution, a new door is installed featuring a through-the-door display. The display has the potential to reduce incident energy and arc flash exposure.

Increase Safety with Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers from Schneider Electric

Modern circuit breakers provide solid state protection, reduced potential of arc flash and require no maintenance under normal operating.

Modern Motor Control Center Promotes Safety

Modernization solutions are also available for existing Motor Control Center units, when the structure is still in good condition but newer technology is desired.