2009 NFPA 70E Code Changes

General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices
The 2009 standard clearly defined responsibilities and identifies specific information that must be exchanged to clarify the duties of the host employer and contractors.
It should be noted, a host employer could be the facility or a general contractor.
A general contractor or facility should be aware of the liability and ensure all subcontractors have trained employees.
Section 110.5

Re-certification of CPR-Trained Employees
In 2009, it was determined employees trained on CPR must go through re-certification annually. The 2012 revision added the requirement for automated external defibrillator (AED) training.
Section 110.6(c)

Work Involving Electrical Hazards
As the Arc Flash hazard analysis is based on the equipment at the time the field data was collected, the arc flash hazard analysis shall be updated when a major modification or renovation takes place. It shall be reviewed periodically, not to exceed five years, to account for changes in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of the arc flash hazard analysis. In addition, if the electrical distribution has any changes made, those changes should be documented by updating the study.
Section 130.3

General Maintenance Requirements
A new section was added to include the importance of maintenance. Overcurrent protective devices must be maintained to manufacturers’ recommendations or
industry-consensus standards.
Section 205.3
Further, “Protective devices shall be maintained to adequately withstand or interrupt available fault current.”
Section 205.5
A fine print note (FPN) demonstrates the importance to maintaining the overcurrent devices in relation to the Arc Flash hazard analysis. The FPN states “Failure to properly
maintain protective devices can have an adverse effect on the arc flash hazard analysis incident energy values.”
The hazard analysis cannot detect when the last maintenance for the equipment in question occurred. Therefore it must be assumed the equipment is operating as intended and designed. Any additional time incurred in an Arc Flash typically increases the severity of the incident. Article 130.3, FPN No. 1 states,
“Improper or inadequate maintenance can result in increased opening time of the overcurrent protective device, thus increasing the incident energy.”
Section 210.5 FPN & 130.3 FPN