WattStopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM)

Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management article

Smarter than the average lighting control system – that's Digital Lighting Management (DLM) from WattStopper and Graybar, an intelligent, distributed control system that automatically maximizes lighting energy efficiency.

The DLM system includes everything you need for convenient, energy-saving control of dimmed and switched loads — it's like having a personal energy manager in every room in the building. Plus, DLM's modular design makes installation a snap, which saves labor costs and eliminates call-backs. Installers simply plug components together using Cat 5e cables with pre-terminated RJ45 connectors. The result: compared to conventional analog products, DLM installs in half the time required for a typical bi-level installation, using 66 percent less wiring. It's ready to get to work right out of the box, so you can avoid costly, complex "time traps" and benefit from quick, error-free installation every time.

What's more, DLM is the first system that automatically configures itself to operate in the most energy efficient mode. Plug 'n' Go™ auto-configuration establishes functionality based on the installed components. Just select the controls you want, and Plug 'n' Go will configure the system to maximize energy efficiency for added savings. The system exceeds basic code requirements and delivers an exceptional return on investment.

A variety of DLM room controllers are available that provide ON/OFF and dimming control for up to three zones. Additional models offer power monitoring or plug load control. The system's fully digital occupancy sensors are the smallest and lowest profile available, with innovative precise LCD display, programming pushbuttons and an infrared transceiver for optional wireless control and configuration. A full range of low profile switches offer personal control. Daylighting sensors are easy to specify and incorporate into the lighting plan. Handheld infrared remotes offer ON/OFF, dimming or scene control flexibility. And Push n' Learn™ offers simple personalization without sophisticated tools or expensive software.

Find out how you can install a personal energy manager throughout your building and save energy costs with DLM. Your Graybar representative has all the facts.


[PDF] WattStopper DLM Brochure

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