Graybar PowerSmart Approach

Graybar can provide strategic resources to deploy a world-class lighting solution in your building using a proven three-step process.


The process begins with your local Graybar representative, who will tour your facility campus with you, ask questions, and, most importantly, listen to your needs. Together you can begin to estimate a return on investment and prioritize needs based upon your budget.

Graybar lighting specialists are available to assist with the assessment. They are highly trained in lighting and are available to serve as trusted advisors and assist in solving complex problems.


The Graybar PowerSmart approach is to assist the building owner in gathering the required resources to help power, network and secure facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. Through our vast contacts and relationships in the consulting, construction and manufacturer community, we can help building owners assemble a team. This team can identify a strategy designed to reduce total building cost of ownership, boost building efficiency and enhance productivity, while meeting corporate sustainability measures and complying with governmental guidelines.


Upgrading your lighting can give your company a triple bottom line: reduced energy costs, positive environmental impact, and improved employee productivity and well being. Energy-efficient lighting technologies are routinely driving 30 – 50 percent returns on investment and up to 20 – 25 percent reductions in total facility energy consumption and costs.

Financing is available.

Graybar Financial Services® (GFS) specializes in providing competitive, value-added financing solutions when budgets are limited. GFS can bundle charges related to equipment, installation and maintenance into a monthly payment option to help overcome budget limitations.