Why Graybar?

Graybar Retrofit

Graybar offers a wide range of energy-efficient products and innovative services that can help save time and money. We team with leading contractors and manufacturers that can meet all of your facilities' needs. With facility optimization and energy savings as our goal, we focus on delivering an accurate proposal and a quality installation, to provide peace of mind for you throughout the entire project.

We can help you identify a strategy designed to:

  • Reduce energy and operating costs
  • Improve sustainability by decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Improve overall occupant productivity and satisfaction by providing a better quality of light in your indoor and outdoor environments

Together the Graybar Team offers:

  • Turnkey lighting upgrade solutions
  • Retrofit, rollout and remodel programs
  • Lighting maintenance services

Learn more about the Graybar PowerSmart® approach of planning, integration and payback.