Graybar Retrofit Lighting

A turnkey lighting retrofit in industrial facilities is an extremely low risk, fast return, high reward venture that is largely effortless and delivers documented results.

Lighting and industrial facilities are a perfect fit because lights usually operate for extended periods. Every month spent with inefficient lighting means substantial loss of energy and loss of dollars that could be invested in other projects. With advancing technology, investment incentive, and sustainability imperatives, the time to retrofit is now.

Facilities can save a lot of money with the latest in lighting efficiency. Today's high-output T8 and T5 fluorescent high-bay light fixtures with modern reflectors use 40 to 50 percent less energy than the metal halide fixtures used in many industrial facilities, while delivering the same or more foot-candles with better color rendering. LED fixtures offering one one-for-one replacement of HID and fluorescent high bay systems are ideal for manufacturing, warehousing and other large indoor spaces. LED save energy, maintenance costs while providing superior illumination.

Retrofits not only save operating costs but can contribute to enhanced employee safety, greater work productivity and quality and improved morale.

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