Lighting - Healthcare BAN

Graybar provides products and services to assist our customers in decreasing their energy costs, increasing their environmental stewardship and enhancing their patient experience and well-being.

  • Lighting accounts for 16 percent of the average health care facility electricity bill
  • Health care facilities account for 9 percent of all commercial energy consumption in America
  • Our nation's 8,000 hospitals spend more than $5 billion annually on energy costs which is 1-3 percent of their total budget and equal to at least 15 percent of their profit
  • Energy costs are one of the few cost centers that hospitals actually have control over
  • Every $1 a non-profit health care organization saves on energy is equivalent to $20 in new revenues for hospitals
  • For-profit hospitals, medical offices and nursing homes can boost earnings per share by a penny for each 5 percent reduction in energy costs
  • A 2007 study by ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) reported that 91 percent of hospitals faced higher energy costs than the year before and over 50 percent of those cited increases in double-digit percentages

Performing a lighting retrofit can help healthcare facilities achieve a significant return-on-investment and free up working capital for other projects. A lighting retrofit can not only save money and reduce maintenance costs and downtime, but can improve indoor comfort enhancing patient health and recovery.

To aide in the costs of energy savings projects, consider incentives through EPAct, local utilities and local/state governments. Also, Graybar Financial Services specializes in providing value-added financing solutions for energy efficiency projects. And if you are building new or working on major renovations, we encourage you to explore the latest legislation regarding energy efficient products.

Through retrofits, hospitals will consider a triple bottom line: Delivering excellent health care to patients, building a healthier community and managing costs effectively, operating the facility as efficiently as possible.

Contact a Graybar Lighting Consultant to learn more about lighting retrofit solutions offered through Graybar.