Maximizing the energy efficiency of your facilities is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to extend energy supplies and manage energy use. Graybar provides local and state government agencies and nonprofits nationwide access to an array of products and services to help meet your agencies' energy management goals of increasing efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy-related costs. Did you know:

Graybar Retrofit Lighting
  • Government agencies spend more than 10 billion a year on energy to provide public services and meet constituents needs
  • Nearly one-third of energy used to run a typical government building goes to waste
  • Commercial buildings use nearly 20 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States and contribute almost the same proportion of greenhouse gas emissions

More than $10 billion dollars in federal stimulus or federal grant money is available to state and local government or education for energy efficiency projects. Most states have rebate incentive programs available to local government or education for energy efficiency projects. Graybar adds value by providing information necessary to complete the grant application and a contract vehicle for the customer to place the order. Graybar also offers full-project financing through Graybar Financial Services.

Need more help acquiring product? The Graybar – U.S. Communities contract is an easy solution to help you work smarter and save money. This contract allows registered agencies to purchase a wide range of products at outstanding prices. Leveraging the work of other schools, city, counties, and state agencies nationwide can help your organization save too. U.S. Communities requires no fees, spending requirements, obligation to purchase, or membership dues.

Energy solutions provide significant ROI and free up working capital for other projects or constituent services. Energy efficient systems reduce maintenance costs and interrupted service. Further, improvements in indoor environment and comfort can enhance employee health and productivity.

Energy efficient solutions are a win for everyone involved. These solutions can increase community image, create a modern sustainable facility, provide decreased operational costs, improve health, safety and productivity for employees and promote a better community experience.

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