GE Lighting LED Par30

Graybar provides lighting solutions to assist our customers in decreasing their energy costs, increasing their environmental stewardship, improving productivity and enhancing their tenants experience and well-being.

  • Up to 44 percent of an office building's energy is consumed by the lighting system
  • 80 percent of buildings have lighting systems that were installed before 1986
  • Over 65 percent of all U.S. electricity consumption is used in buildings
  • Technology changes have enabled greater energy savings, resulting in faster returns on investment
  • Legislation is eliminating older technology

As electricity rates continue to rise, lighting solutions offer significant energy savings. Due to energy and maintenance reduction, significant ROI is achievable while freeing up working capital for other projects.

Retrofit advantages stretch beyond the savings. Lessening the lighting energy load can free up electrical panel space for future needs. Better light quality results in improved staff moral, productivity and well-being. Retrofits can help satisfy your company's environmental stewardship campaigns and green initiatives.

To help you fund your lighting retrofit, there are incentives through EPAct and local utility rebates that may reduce the payback period and increase your ROI. Graybar also offers full-project financing through Graybar Financial Services.

Graybar is more than just a distributor. We can assist in educating your staff about energy savings and provide tools and complete assessments. Graybar's Lighting Specialists can provide a complete analysis of the project savings by "dollarizing" the project. We help your job move faster with kitting and material logistics that can work with your project timeline. Just another way Graybar works to your advantage.