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Retrofit Online Tools

Lighting Layout Estimator from GE
Estimate the number of fixtures needed to light an area for a specified light level.

Simple Energy Estimator from GE
Calculate the energy savings you'll gain by relamping your lighting system. Also, find out how long it will take to recoup your full investment for the new system.

Simple Life-Cycle Cost Estimator from GE
Compare the life-cycle costs for two different lamps.

Watts Per Square Foot Estimator from GE
Compare the watts per square foot for two different lighting systems.

Fixture Replacement Estimator from GE
Replacing your current lamps? Use this calculator to estimate the number of fixtures you'll need for replacement lamps. Also compare the difference in the amount of light between your current lamp and replacement lamp.

Lighting Control Online Tools

Dimming System Watts Estimator from GE
Can a dimming system help you save on energy costs? Use this calculator to estimate the wattage, energy reduction and cost savings generated by using a GE dimming system.

Occupancy Sensor Layout Services exclusively from Leviton
(Registration required) Leviton's industry-leading no cost occupancy sensor layout services are available online. Easily submit requests and drawings for occupancy sensor layouts with Leviton's secure website portal.

Energy Calculators

The MIT Design Advisor
Architects and Building Designers can use computer modeling to improve indoor comfort and energy performance of conceptual building designs. The MIT Design Advisor is a tool which allows you to describe and simulate a building in less than five minutes, including heating, cooling, lighting and daylighting scenarios.

Hubbell Lighting System Energy Savings Calculators
Calculate retrofit payback, productivity and environmental impact, maintenance cost and HVAC savings.

Commercial Lighting Solutions webtool from the Department of Energy: (in beta) The Commercial Lighting Solutions app allows you to estimate the energy usage of your existing building, then test out re-lamping and retrofit solutions and see the impact they have on your energy savings in kWh. The tool can also determine your eligibility in receiving the 179D Tax Deduction.

Use the Lighting Energy Calculators from WattStopper to identify the lighting control strategies that best match your energy savings goals for retrofit or new construction projects. Compare different control methods with pre-defined Lighting Control Measures (LCMs) to achieve additional maximum energy lighting savings.

With Wattstopper's Quick Assessment, you'll provide only a few datapoints to rapidly calculate potential energy savings for a single room. Print or email the Quick Assessment Summary.