Recycling – Good for the Environment

Recycling Lamp Waste warehouse image

Are you doing your part to promote a healthier, greener planet? Today's lighting systems are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. Nevertheless, hazardous materials, such as mercury, may be contained in lighting waste. Environmental regulations require this waste to be managed properly. Failure to follow regulations could result in costly environmental liability and adverse publicity.

Recycling reduces the potential for future liability. The EPA has specific websites dedicated to the regulation of specific materials. They are listed here:

Regulations require that hazardous waste must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated and disposed of and that generators are financially responsible for cleaning up the effects of improper disposal. The Universal Waste Rule is designed to promote and simplify the proper management and recycling of certain lighting wastes. It's everyone's responsibility to know the rules and promote a green, more environmental friendly planet!

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