Dimming, Occupancy Sensing, Daylighting: Lutron's Energi Savr Node Reacts

Recommended for new commercial construction and retrofit projects, Energi Savr Node is a connection point that integrates wired orwireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall stations for total light management. Best of all, with Energi Savr Node, your customers can reduce lighting energy usage by up to 60 percent.

Lutron RPS Daylight Sensor

Specifically, Energi Savr Node saves energy by integrating wireless daylight and occupancy sensors to reduce the amount of wasted light. It communicates with Radio Powr Savr™ wireless sensors and Pico™ wireless controls to take advantage of energy-saving light control strategies like occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and personal control. In addition, Energi Savr Node uses high-end trim to set the maximum light level in a space based on the occupancy requirements. Controllable window shades reduce glare and solar heat gain, and demand response automatically reduces lighting loads during peak electricity usage times.

With one or more Energi Savr Node modules, your customers can control the lighting in a single space or an entire building. Energi Savr Node operates as a stand-alone system with sensors, wall controls and remotes, or connects to Lutron’s Quantum™ Total Light Management system for maximum energy efficiency. Its flexible scalability lets you redesign and reconfigure as needs change.

Lutron RPS Occupancy Wall

Energi Savr Node literally works "right out of the box" to save installation time and labor costs. Sensors and keypads can be connected immediately – no commissioning required. For simple applications, preconfigured occupancy sensing and daylighting modes or manual programming are available. And daylighting and occupancy settings can be easily adjusted with controls located on the unit or by using an intuitive application for the Apple iPod touch or iPhone.

Energi Savr Node's low profile enclosure easily fits above a ceiling or into other small spaces, with line voltage and low voltage wiring connecting to terminal blocks.

Choose from four dependable, energy- and money-saving models:

  • Softswitch® ESN – For switching control of all load types. Each module can be installed locally, without connecting to a central panel. Patented Softswitch relays are rated for one million cycles, reducing maintenance costs. Softswitch Energi Savr Node uses Lutron’s Softswitch relay technology, which is rated for 1,000,000 cycles, and has switching capacity for up to 16A of any lighting load.
  • EcoSystem® ESN – For dimming control of Eco-System, EcoSystem H-Series, Hi-lume® 3D digital ballasts and Hi-lume A-Series LED drivers.
  • EcoSystem ESN for Shades – For dimming control of EcoSystem, EcoSystem H-Series, Hi-lume 3D digital ballasts and Hi-lume A-Series LED drivers. Also powers and provides control for Sivoia® QS shade drives.
  • ESN for 0–10 V dimming – For dimming control of 0-10 V fluorescent dimming ballasts and LED drivers.

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