Questions to Ask Your LED Supplier

Questions to ask LED Supplier

It's important to ask the right questions of your LED supplier in order to make informed judgements about the quality of LED fixtures, the reputation of LED manufacturers, and the suitability of LED fixtures for particular applications. Below are a sampling of questions to ask potential suppliers of LED product. The answers should be used as a guideline as to an acceptable answer.

Does your product meet the LM79 requirements? If yes, can you provide the LM79 test report from an accredited NVLAP test lab?

Does your product use LEDs that have been LM80 tested to demonstrate L70 life after 6000 hours of test? If yes, can you share your LM80 data and life model used to demonstrate the L70 life?

What precautions do you take to ensure the appropriate LED is selected for your product and that it meets its life claims? Are you willing to share your data?

Is your company registered as a DOE Quality Advocate? This includes taking the Quality Pledge for SSL Products.

What type of testing do you perform to validate your product life and safe operation? Can you share the test results?

What is the LED chip manufacturer's rating and what is the rating of your product?

Whose LED chips do you use? Does the LED chip and design of the product have Intellectual Property (IP) clearance?

Do you 'design in reliability' or do you 'test for reliability' to demonstrate the long-term performance of your product? Can you share your reliability product development process?

What actions take place in the factory to ensure your product will work properly when installed by the customer?

How do you ensure the product will continue to meet the specification?