LED Lighting Documents

  • Acuity Brands I-BEAM® IBG LED High Bay Sell Sheet

    The versatile I-BEAM® IBG LED high bay boasts a single base platform design with the ability to select performance, optics, and housing options, taking IBG from basic applications to complex environments, including unconditioned spaces.

  • GE Albeo™ LED High Bay ABV2 Data Sheet

    With improved efficacy, more options, and higher lumen output, the Albeo™ ABV2 is ideal for high bay and low bay applications in industrial and commercial buildings. Designed to replace 250W-1500W HID and four-to eight-lamp T5/T8 HIF fixtures, the Albeo™ ABV2 can be combined with motion sensors and wireless controls for increased energy savings and controllability.

  • Refit Solutions from GE

    LED tubes are ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal installation time. Each LED tube is outfitted with an internal GE driver. The GE integrated LED tubes run on electronic T8 instant-start or programmed start ballasts.

  • GE Refit Solutions Sell Sheet

    Convert your existing fluorescent fixtures and Metal Halide Lamps to LED with GE Refit Solutions.

  • GE Integrated LED Tubes UL Type A Spec Sheet

    With easy plug and play performance, LED tubes are ideal for those seeking energy savings with minimal installation time.

  • Graybar LED Fact Sheet

    As a contractor who is responsible for managing projects that involve the installation of LED applications, the combination of top-quality LED products and easy financing transactions is what you expect. At Graybar Financial Services (GFS), it’s all here.

  • What You Should Know About UL Certified Retrofit Kits

    Frequently asked questions about retrofitting and UL compliance.

  • Eaton McGraw-Edison Galleon LED Area and Site Luminaire Brochure

    The Galleon LED luminaire delivers a new level of performance and versatility for commercial area, site and roadway applications. Incorporating industry-leading, patented optics, the Galleon LED luminaire offers a choice of 16 specialized optical distributions that deliver superior control and maximize light levels.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Retrofitting Your Field with LED

    With a fewer number of energy-efficient fixtures needed, and with no need for periodic bulb replacement, you save a lot of money on energy and maintenance costs over the life of the All Field LED system.

  • How Graybar Makes Your Change to LED Tubes Easy

    From simply replacing light bulbs with LEDs to renovating your entire facility with new fixtures and controls, Graybar can provide a recommendation to meet the needs of your facility.