Commercial Applications

Beyond energy savings and environmental impact, part of what makes LEDs such an attractive lighting solution is how flexible they are. LEDs deliver long life, exceptional light quality and color consistency for virtually any application – from retail space, offices, warehouses and restaurants to outdoor spaces and homes.

Examples of LED lighting applications include: recessed troffers, undercabinet lighting, in-cabinet accent lighting, adjustable task lighting, cold storage lighting, elevator lighting, accent lights, spaces with occupancy sensors, food preparation areas, retail display case, street lighting, emergency lighting/warning lights/exits/other signage.


LED based lighting solutions not only offer flexibility and adaptability – they can help make people feel more comfortable at work and help stimulate their performance, while delivering considerable energy and maintenance cost reductions


LED solutions are uniquely suited to retail outlets. It can provide a wide range of effects – from the strikingly dramatic to the intriguing and inviting – that contribute to the total shopping experience.


Graybar can provide hospitality and service industries bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient light to make spaces, people, and food look great — yet deliver cost and labor savings that reflect directly on bottom line returns.


LED solutions can make guests feel comfortable and do it while offering enormous savings in maintenance and energy costs.