LightMaster LM Series Control System

Intermatic LightMaster product shot

Take Control of Lighting Costs – and Energy Savings

Today, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings use more than 50 percent of total national energy consumption; recent energy price increases have dramatically impacted their operational costs. In addition, an estimated 30 percent of building energy consumed is not necessary or not efficiently utilized. The money-saving solution for your customers? The LightMaster LM Series Control System from Intermatic and Graybar. This energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting control system offers lighting cost savings of 50-70 percent, with an average energy payback of six months to one-and-a-half years.

LightMaster offers true dusk-to-dawn operation, working on ambient light-level sensing to provide additional control beyond the typical timer or photo control. Its delay setting lets users avoid having to switch the unit ON and OFF during intermittent environmental changes like clouds, lightning or headlights. LightMaster will turn lighting ON during inclement weather and OFF when normal light levels resume.

LightMaster offers an affordable solution for daylight harvesting. Up to 10 units (20 channels) can be connected to a single sensor to accommodate small and large facilities. And integral light sensitivity adjustment provides a wide range of settings, so the units can control indoor and outdoor lighting as well as automatic awnings or shades.

Your Graybar representative has more details about saving money and cutting energy costs with the LightMaster LM Series Control System.

Features at a Glance

  • Available in 1 and 2 channel control units
  • One light level set point per channel
  • NEMA 3R Outdoor Enclosure
  • Adjustable foot candle levels conserve energy
  • 0-100 second delay adjustment to avoid nuisance switching from clouds, headlamps, lightning
  • Up to 10 control units (20 channels) can be connected to one sensor
  • Light level sensor can be mounted up to 330 feet away from control unit
  • Individual sensors have specific foot candle ranges:
    Intermatic LightMaster product shot
    • LS2 Dark Sensor: 10 to 1000 fc
    • LS1 Transparent Sensor: 0.2 to 50 fc